Politics - Make Unpopular Ideas Popular

Politics - Make Unpopular Ideas Popular

As I mentioned in our first piece, when getting a politician elected, you need to remember that you work for the people and corporations funding the campaign. More often than not, ok, almost always, the corporate interests and legislative goals never coincide with the electorate. It’s our job to make them care enough to put your man in office and care enough to influence other politicians to help you pass the laws required to fulfil your promises.

Lobbyists approach you from Big Canine who are troubled by the increasing preference for purse dogs as the family pet of choice. They’re promising to throw your candidate fundraisers and ensure continued financial support if you can turn the nation against purse dogs and back towards Big Canine.

There are a few ways you can go, you can make big dogs more attractive to the masses, but people are more engaged in the negative, so we’ll need to dedicate much of our energy cutting down purse dogs, stoking fear and anger towards purse dogs to make sure our “More Bull, No Shitz” bill becomes law.

One of the tenets of Robert Cialdini's seminal work, Influence, highlighted social proof. People want to trust people of influence, bestowing them with a special trust they rarely bestow on themselves.

Identify your supporters and potential influencers.

  • Manly Men are always concerned about projecting masculinity. Purse dogs are not masculine.
  • Dog Food companies will be supporters and financial backers; big dogs eat more, and little dogs hurt profits.
  • First Responders are long associated with big dogs. Firehouses have their Dalmatians, mountain rescuers, St. Bernards and junkyard owners, Dobermans, and Rottweilers.
  • The leftists see purse dogs as a symbol of the wealthy elite.

Create a network of genuine and astroturf groups willing to share your talking points. It’s essential to make these groups look unrelated and unconnected other than supporting passing “More Bull, No Shitz.”

These groups should focus on different talking points to create a talking point buffet where people can choose the message that best resonates with them.

Dog Food Union Workers against purse dogs  - Purse dogs are putting the international brotherhood of dog food workers on the unemployment lines.

Jesus Bros for Bulls - Little dogs are effeminate and groom children for the gay lifestyle.

Big Dogs Save Lives - My big dog saved my life by pulling me out of a burning building. My big dog attacked a dangerous criminal breaking into my house.

Purse Dogs are landlords - Dogs should be practical and contribute to society. Purse dogs create nothing and just rent-collect in the form of food and toys.

With the groups established, your influencers will need to spread across all forms of media, the web, TV, message boards and social media to disparage purse dogs, espouse the virtues of big dogs and demand the passage of “More Bull, No Shitz.”

Note: You need to coordinate the spread. You want to blanket the media with your message to get a head start on the unprepared purse dog proponents. Hitting first and fast could tilt public opinion heavily, hopefully too heavily, that the evil purse dog industrial complex can’t counter your dominance of the narrative.

Influencers are for sale. Use money from Big Canine and the dog food companies to buy their influence, boost and spread your message, and create the impression that “More Bull, No Shitz” has support in all segments of society.

Purse Dogs have supporters, and you can expect pushback against your bill. Your influencers must deflect the criticism and go on the offensive against these sick and evil purse dog proponents.

Did you know Robin Williams, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell all owned pug dogs? Tragically, we lost these incredible talents because of useless, do-nothing dogs.

Not everyone will accept your wild conspiracy theories or tenuous connections. Be prepared with experts, such as veterinarians and lawyers, willing to go on record with stats that show the dangers of purse dogs.

Use your veterinarian expert to talk about the high medical costs of owning a purse dog. Their genetic inferiority results in a long list of medical issues. Medical costs in the USA are a concern for regular people. How can people justify high medical expenses for these do-nothing dogs?

Use your legal expert to highlight the real most dangerous dog breeds, like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas and Pekingese.

Use pollsters to your advantage and shift your talking points as needed.

Purse dogs are tricky opponents to topple with their cute toy-like faces and perpetual puppy size. If the pollsters say your “More Bull, No Shitz” talking points aren’t popular, abandon that sinking ship and shift to a message your pollsters say is a winner.

Big Dogs for a Patriotic Nation

Did you know Chihuahuas are Mexican dogs? How did they get here? Do we trust their breeder's papers?

The Reverend Billy Graham owned many big dogs as he spread the word of god across this great nation.

Congratulations! Your candidate was elected, but his bill failed as even the nuttiest politicians would vote to ban purse dogs.

This was a tongue-in-cheek look at shifting public opinion on unpopular legislation, the example was silly, but the techniques are used often by politicians looking to appease their donors.  The next time you see a “grassroots” uprising in support of something unsupportable, notice the techniques used and point them out.


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